Study Abroad

Here at Alpha Chi, our motto is "together let us seek the heights." So that's what we do.

Georgia Tech offers countless global study and work opportunities, and dozens of our sisters take advantage of them each semester. We love to watch those scattered across the globe, from the cliffs of Ireland to the rolling green hills of New Zealand, as they learn, grow, and explore our world in endless ways. We love sharing their stories and photographs, look forward to hearing about their experiences. Even better is taking part in these experiences together.

There are few things as valuable and meaningful as expanding our horizons on a truly global level. Beyond books, labs, and the United States, travel teaches and exposes us to a plethora of perspectives we may never have otherwise imagined. Seeing the world in a new light, together, allows us to see the beauty in even the common things all around us. And this isn't something we would trade for the world.