Alpha Chi Omega
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Alpha CHi Sisters…..




Leadership Spotlights


Ferguson Beardsley

Finance committee 2018, Registration and volunteers committee 2019

Being on the planning committee women’s leadership conference has not only allowed me to meet amazing business women or women leaders in Atlanta but also incredible women just on tech’s campus. This spring conference has about 200 women both inside and outside of tech’s campus attend and learn from over 10 women who made impact in Atlanta. This conference is incredible and makes you feel empowered after leaving. It is a truly incredible opportunity


Aakanksha Patil

Finance Chair ATL Satrangi

ATL Satrangi is a nationally competitive Bollywood Fusion dance team. As the Finance Chair, I help create the budget, come up with fundraising ideas, and handle all cash that flows in and out of our organization, as well as help the team captains with any of their duties. I act as a liaison, along with the Logistics Chair and the Production Chair, between the captains and the rest of the team. My job is to not only make sure that we have the funds to put together our routine as we envision the story, but also to make sure that future members are able to maintain the same level of financial stability.

Other Place we are leaders

  • ASB Trip Leader

  • BME Mentor

  • Campus Tour Guides

  • Career Fair Executive Board

  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Student Ambassadors

  • Circle of Sisterhood Trek Organizer

  • Connect with Tech

  • Collegiate Panhellenic Council Executive Board

  • Computer Science Teaching Assistant

  • FASET Leaders

  • GT 1000 Team Leader

  • Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors

  • Georgia Tech Student Foundation

  • Greek Week Exec Board

  • HBE Ambassadors

  • ISyE Ambassadors

  • Iranian Student Association

  • Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board

  • Ivan Allen College Student Ambassadors

  • LMC Ambassadors

  • Mentor Jackets

  • Mock Trial Captain

  • Scheller Business Ambassadors

  • Scheller Student Development Board

  • STAMPS Health Student Ambassador

  • Stamps President's Scholar Retreat Facilitator

  • Stamps Scholars Nationals Convention Co-Chair

  • Student Alumni Association

  • Scheller Business Ambassadors

  • Student Government Association

  • Tech Beautification Day Project Coordinator

  • Women's Recruitment Team

  • Wreck Camp Counselor

  • Women's Leadership Conference

  • Women's Recruitment Team


Get Invovled


Involvement Spotlights


Adrianne Crawford

Nothin’ But Treble

My name is Adrianne Crawford and I am part of the Nothin But Treble all women’s accapella group here at Georgia Tech. This group has taught me that although we go to a STEM based school many of us have an itch for the arts and it is important to be proactive and proud of the things you are passionate about. When I first joined an accapella group, I didn’t feel like anyone would understand the time and effort put into the pieces but I was quickly proven wrong. There is no way to describe the rewarding feeling of doing something you are passionate about and having the support of so many amazing people at this school. Not to mention, I always have the most amazing sisters who are always the loudest ones in the audience:)


Katie Earles

Ramblin’ Reck club

Sure! Ramblin’ Reck club works to spread joy on campus. We do that through traditions, taking care of the Reck, organizing Homecoming, and so much more. I’m the co-editor for T-Book, which is a guide to new Tech students about traditions, campus life, and history. I was never one for school spirit in high school. I dreaded pep rallies and never went to a football game. I liked Tech so much more than I thought I would, I wanted to share my joy with others and I can do that through this club!


Rachel Luckcuck

Denning Technology & Management (T&M) Program

I was totally intimidated by the T&M program when I came to Tech— I thought it was only for super geniuses who are destined for Silicon Valley. When I talked to older AXOs who were in T&M, several of them encouraged me to apply, saying I was the kind of person they were looking for. I was beyond flattered and, despite the fear of rejection, I followed my sisters’ advice and applied. Since, I have traveled to Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China, have earned a minor in computer science, and have two successful internships under my belt— all thanks to T&M, and especially to the AXOs who encouraged me to try for it.

Other Involvements

  • American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Art Matters

  • Best Buddies

  • Christian Campus Fellowship

  • Chamber Choir

  • Chorale

  • College Democrats

  • Collegiate Panhellenic Council

  • Concert Band

  • Connect with Tech

  • Engineering World Health

  • Engineers for a Sustainable World

  • Engineers without Borders

  • Enterprise to Empower

  • EXCEL at Georgia Tech

  • Freshman Activities Board

  • Freshman Council

  • Georgia Tech Dance Company

  • Georgia Tech Marketing Association

  • Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors

  • Georgia Tech Student Foundation

  • KNIT

  • Mental Health Student Coalition

  • Mock Trial

  • Moneythink

  • North Avenue Review

  • Nothin' but Treble

  • Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech

  • Ramblin' Reck Club

  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers @ GT

  • Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • Society of Women in Business

  • Society of Women in Engineering

  • Student Alumni Association

  • Student Center Programs Council

  • Student Development Board

  • Student Government Association

  • Student Hospital Connections

  • The Odyssey Online

  • Veggie Jackets

  • Women In Architecture

  • Women In Engineering

  • Wreckless

  • Yellow Jacket Flying Club


Give Back

In addition to our chapter's philanthropy and events, our sisters are involved in countless ways across campus, throughout our community, and around the world. Each sister gives back in her own way. Whether participating in a Team Buzz park cleanup event, dancing For the Kids, or traveling to a different continent on an Alternative Service Break trip, our sisters passionately devote themselves to causes and make impacts far and wide.

Our sisters devote themselves to dozens of causes and organizations within the Georgia Tech and Atlanta communities. These are just some of the things we're passionate about.


Spotlight Philanthropy Work


Macie Shoun

For the Kids

I’ve been involved with FTK since my freshman year. We raise money and awareness for Children’s hospitals in Atlanta! It’s an amazing organization to be apart of that promotes and raises money for an important cause. FTK is a community of Greek and non Greek students who come together and are passionate about this cause. This year I am lucky enough to be on the executive board as Co-Director of Morale. My committee is in charge of hyping everyone up at Dance Marathon, and teaching the dance! Last year we raised $322,324.19! 


Kate O’Connor


In the Spring semester of 2019 I was given an amazing opportunity to be apart of a volunteer group on campus called BOPSOP. The organization’s goal is to work within local Atlanta communities that do not receive much assistance from local YMCAs or the Boys and Girls Club. My volunteering experience consisted of going to a local after school program and helping with a group of about 18 kindergarten boys. They were some of the most rambunctious children I have ever meant. I would help them with math worksheets and supervise them during other after school activities, such as playing outside or watching a movie. This experience gave me a break from college life and was one of the best volunteering experiences I have ever. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be volunteering for BOPSOP again next semester.


Other Volunteer Involvement

  • Alternative Service Breaks

  • AssisTech

  • Atlanta Mission

  • Best Buddies


  • Campus Kitchens

  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

  • China Care

  • Circle of Sisterhood Trek

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Enchanted Encounters

  • For The Kids

  • Freshman Leadership Initiative

  • Freshman Servant Leadership Organization

  • Georgia Tech Excel Program

  • Georgia Tech Student Foundation

  • Girl Scouts of America

  • GOALSoccer

  • Greek Allies

  • HEROs at Tech

  • Hugh O' Brien Youth

  • Lambda Sigma

  • Lifeline Animal Project

  • MoneyThink

  • One Voice Atlanta

  • Partners for Care

  • Red Cross Club

  • Relay for Life

  • Safe House

  • Sting Hunger Now

  • Team Buzz

  • Tech Beautification Day

  • Tech The Halls

  • Toys for Tots

  • Trees Atlanta

  • TVI Atlanta


  • Youth Enrichment Program




Athletic Spotlights


Danielle Brown

GT Lax Member

Georgia Tech Women’s club lacrosse has given me so many amazing memories. This year I’ve had a constant support from the older sisters on the team, helping me to acclimate to playing college level lacrosse. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to play with these girls, and become family with them (both figuratively and literally... my big and grand big play lacrosse). Being a part of this team is what helped me settle into being hundreds of miles from home, and gave me my first AXO friends (of which made me decide to COB AXO). This hasn’t been just a sport to me... through the sprints, incredible season, food dates, burpees, and a hate for uga (booooo), this year would not have been complete without my lacrosse team, and those even more than just teammates... my sisters.


Amanda Wooten

Competitive Rock Climber

I competed on the youth circuit for 6 years on the stone summit team, progressively placing higher nationally in speed climbing. I earned a place on the US team four years consecutively, and placed in the top eight at all of those youth world championships. There was a period of time during which I held the female national record for the 15 meter speed wall, and I was also the first American female to break both the 10 second and the 9 second barriers. More recently, I placed in the top 10 at the Open Invitational competition, which was the first olympic qualifier event for rock climbing, and I won the Collegiate National Championship for speed climbing.


Lauren Bauer

Georgia Tech Cheer Member

Georgia Tech Cheerleading has been one of my greatest involvements at Tech. I love cheering on the Yellow Jackets on game-days, whether that be on the flats in Bobby Dodd Stadium or on the floor at McCamish Pavilion. Interacting with students, fans, and alumni while bringing spirit and smiles to everyone I see makes being a Georgia Tech cheerleader an amazing experience. All of these things happen during my favorite part of football game-day: Yellow Jacket Alley -- which takes place right in front of AXO!

Other Athletic Commitments

  • Cheerleading

  • Club Basketball

  • Club Gymnastics

  • Club Lacrosse

  • Club Soccer

  • Club Swim Team

  • Club Volleyball

  • Club Water Polo

  • DanceTech

  • Diamond Girls

  • Equestrian Team

  • Goldrush Dance Team

  • Intramural Sports

  • Marathons & Half Marathons

  • Running

  • Triathalon

  • Ultimate Frisbee