Letter from the VPR

Dear Potential New Members,

If you’re new to Georgia Tech, congratulations on your acceptance to the best school in the world! You are about to begin an incredible experience, one that I cannot imagine having done without the love and support of Alpha Chi Omega by my side. Georgia Tech will push you to grow and learn in ways you never knew you could before — and along the way, Alpha Chi will help you to grow into the kind of woman you didn’t even know you could be.

I know formal recruitment may sound intimidating— I still remember that shake-in-your-wedges nerves and excitement clearly— but I promise that once you step through Alpha Chi’s teal doors, you can relax and feel at home.  Don’t worry, we don’t like small talk about the weather either. Be ready to exchange laugh-til-you-cry stories from the summer, your most outlandish movie/book/show opinions, and stories about what sparks your passion for progress and service. We love recruitment because we get to meet hundreds of stunning young women who not only have done wonderful things, but are simply wonderful people, and it is a reminder of the strength of the female community at Georgia Tech. We cannot wait to welcome you into our home, get to know you, and give you a glimpse into our unmatched sisterhood!

Alpha Chi Omega has a legacy that has been built by everyday humanitarians, Miss Georgia Techs, Ramblin Reck Drivers, a Secretary of State, Peace Corps members, Miss USAs, CEOs, D1 athletes, philanthropists, (future) astronauts, and thousands more Real. Strong. Women. who defy labels. On Bid Day, we will welcome a new class of young women who will join us and continue the Alpha Chi Omega legacy, and one of those young women might be you!

I invite you to explore our website to see and read about all of the women who I have the privilege of calling my sisters. If you have any questions about recruitment or our sisterhood, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me!

We are counting down the days until we get to meet you! Until then,

Xx Rachel Luckcuck

Vice President of Recruitment 2019