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Our Chapter


Here at Georgia Tech, we face a unique issue. Women are certainly the minority of students on our campus. We have only been admitted since the Institute opened its doors to our first female students, Elizabeth Herndon and Diane Michel, in 1952. The first Panhellenic sorority was founded on our campus two years later.  

In 1975, our chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, referred to as Epsilon Phi, was the third Panhellenic sorority founded at Georgia Tech.  During the seventies, there were far more female students, especially in engineering programs, than there had been just two decades previously. However, women still only made up less than 10% of the Georgia Tech student population. 

The first member class of Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Phi had 34 members. Today, fifty years later, we have 203 active members and thousands of alumni seeking the heights across the globe.

Since our founding, both our chapter and our school have made enormous strides to bridge the gender gap across campus. Our sisterhood has grown, and so has the community of which we are all a part. Today, 37% of all Georgia Tech undergraduate students, and 43% of last year's freshman class, are women. 25% of Georgia Tech students are involved in Greek Life, and around 80% of campus leadership roles around campus are held by Greek affiliated students. We are so excited to see these numbers grow each and every day, year, and decade.

It's only up from here, ladies.

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Our chapter's house, located at 741 Brittain Drive NW, has three floors that are always filled with activity. Our house is where we hold our chapter meetings, put on sisterhood events, and eat meals prepared by our in-house chef service. The front porch features cozy rocking chairs where sisters can study or chat, and our teal front doors are are always welcoming and well-known across campus.

For us, entering through these double doors is like coming home. In the entryway, we are greeted by the living and TV rooms, filled with both study tables, lounge chairs, and the friendly faces of our sisters. The first floor is also home to our sister's kitchen, where house girls can cook their meals, and the chapter room, where we hold our weekly meetings.

The second floor of the house has accommodations for 34 women with three communal bathrooms. This floor overlooks our back porch and back yard, where we have held everything from benefit concerts to Panhellenic block parties!

The basement of the house holds our dining room where meals are served. There is a craft room containing art supplies where sisters can work on various projects and de-stress. There is also a study room, a conference room, and even a media room fit with comfy couches and a large projector, perfect for movie nights with our sisters!

We cannot wait to show you our home and can't wait for you to love it as much as we do!