Alpha Chi Omega



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Alpha Chi Omega  is full of passionate women who represent us in almost every organization on campus. Our sisters serve on the Executive Boards of multiple organizations including Omicron Delta Kappa, Society of Women in Business, and ISyE Ambassadors. We encourage all of our members to find their passions and become strong leaders in the Georgia Tech community.


  • American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Art Matters

  • Best Buddies
  • Christian Campus Fellowship
  • Chamber Choir
  • Chorale
  • College Democrats
  • Collegiate Panhellenic Council
  • Concert Band
  • Connect with Tech
  • Engineering World Health
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Engineers without Borders
  • Enterprise to Empower
  • EXCEL at Georgia Tech
  • Freshman Activities Board
  • Freshman Council
  • Georgia Tech Dance Company
  • Georgia Tech Marketing Association
  • Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors
  • Georgia Tech Student Foundation
  • KNIT
  • Mental Health Student Coalition
  • Mock Trial
  • Moneythink
  • North Avenue Review
  • Nothin' but Treble
  • Outdoor Recreation at Georgia Tech
  • Ramblin' Reck Club
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers @ GT
  • Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Society of Women in Business
  • Society of Women in Engineering
  • Student Alumni Association
  • Student Center Programs Council
  • Student Development Board
  • Student Government Association
  • Student Hospital Connections
  • The Odyssey Online
  • Veggie Jackets
  • Women In Architecture
  • Women In Engineering
  • Wreckless
  • Yellow Jacket Flying Club




    • Cheerleading

    • Club Basketball

    • Club Gymnastics
    • Club Lacrosse
    • Club Soccer
    • Club Swim Team
    • Club Volleyball
    • Club Water Polo
    • DanceTech
    • Diamond Girls
    • Equestrian Team
    • Goldrush Dance Team
    • Intramural Sports
    • Marathons & Half Marathons
    • Running
    • Triathalon
    • Ultimate Frisbee






    One of Alpha Chi Omega's standards of membership is Leadership. We look for strong women who have the potential to both grow and realize their passions, as well as help others to do the same. At Georgia Tech, we embrace the opportunities around us in order to champion causes and elicit change. We know that taking action and playing an active role is the best way to do this. These are some of the organizations and roles that our take part in to impact others and better themselves each and every day.


    • ASB Trip Leader

    • BME Mentor
    • Campus Tour Guides
    • Career Fair Executive Board

    • Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Student Ambassadors
    • Circle of Sisterhood Trek Organizer
    • Connect with Tech
    • Collegiate Panhellenic Council Executive Board
    • Computer Science Teaching Assistant
    • FASET Leaders
    • GT 1000 Team Leader
    • Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors
    • Georgia Tech Student Foundation
    • Greek Week Exec Board
    • HBE Ambassadors
    • ISyE Ambassadors
    • Iranian Student Association
    • Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board
    • Ivan Allen College Student Ambassadors
    • LMC Ambassadors
    • Mentor Jackets
    • Mock Trial Captain
    • Scheller Business Ambassadors
    • Scheller Student Development Board
    • STAMPS Health Student Ambassador
    • Stamps President's Scholar Retreat Facilitator
    • Stamps Scholars Nationals Convention Co-Chair
    • Student Alumni Association
    • Scheller Business Ambassadors
    • Student Government Association
    • Tech Beautification Day Project Coordinator
    • Women's Recruitment Team
    • Wreck Camp Counselor
    • Women's Leadership Conference
    • Women's Recruitment Team




    We are sisters, citizens, students, change-makers, innovators, women. We recognize the importance of getting involved beyond the walls of our classrooms and confines of our campus. Sisters regularly venture out into the city and voice their perspectives all around Atlanta. Whether taking place in political movements or winning design competitions, Alpha Chis' passions inspire them to become involved far and wide.




    Our influence and investment extends beyond our own sorority and campus. Sisters are involved and take an active role in their roles and communities all around the world. No matter where they are from or where they are visiting, Alpha Chi's make real connections and value healthy and uplifting relationships. They seek opportunities to grow and learn on every corner of the world. We are diverse, and so are our passions. 

    To learn more about our wanderlust, visit here.