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Formal Recruitment

Alpha Chi Omega participates in the national Collegiate Panhellenic Council's (CPC) formal recruitment process. At Georgia Tech, Potential New Members (PNM's) will visit all eight sorority chapters in order to narrow their choices down through a mutual selection process. In the end, the young woman will find the sorority, sisterhood, and community that best fits her values!

We cannot wait for each PNM to take part in this process and find her homes and family here at Georgia Tech!

For more information on Greek Life at Georgia Tech:

The Georgia Tech Guide to Greek Life can be referenced here:

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Letter from the VPR

Hello Potential New Member!

Congratulations on your admission to Georgia Tech! The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega are thrilled that you are interested in the recruitment process at Georgia Tech. Although the recruitment process may seem intimidating, we are confident that  upon entering Alpha Chi, you will feel right at home.  The impacts of this sorority are far reaching in my own life- I truly cannot imagine my time at Georgia Tech without Alpha Chi Omega and the friendship and memories my involvement in this organization has brought me.

The women in this chapter motivate me each and every day. They push me to be a better thinker, a better leader, and a better person. They live passionately and love radically. When I reflect back on my time here at Georgia Tech the last three years, I will remember sitting on the front porch talking with older sisters. I will remember laughing until I cry with my best friends. I will remember dressing up for mixers with my roommates. I will remember being greeted by smiling sisters after a hard day. I will remember being an Alpha Chi Omega.

Please take a look around this website and check out our other social media to learn more about Georgia Tech, the Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Council, and the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega. I am excited to see you soon, so we can show you everything that Alpha Chi Omega has to offer! 

Emma Brennan
Vice President of Recruitment 2018

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Recommendations are not required to participate in recruitment or to join our chapter, but they are greatly appreciated and allow us to know a little bit more about you! 

Recommendations can be sent by mail to: 
Alpha Chi Omega
Attn: Emma Weinberg
741 Brittain Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30313 

Recommendations can be submitted electronically to: 
Recommend a member

Questions regarding our chapter's recruitment process can be sent to Emma Brennan at



Why Alpha Chi?

There are eight CPC sororities, and even more outside of CPC, at Georgia Tech alone. Collegiate women have so many choices as to the organizations and communities that they join and the experiences they pursue.

So, this begs the question: why Alpha Chi?

Why did our sisters choose our chapter over others? What have they gained from being sisters here, and how has it shaped not only their college experience, but who they have become as individuals?


"I owe so much of my college experience and personal growth over the last three years to Alpha Chi Omega. These girls have empowered me, making me a more confident version of myself – I’ve never been surrounded by so many people telling me “yes you can.” I’m encouraged daily to go out and conquer my classes, conquer campus, conquer the world! These are girls who will never settle to be just another pretty face, and they remind me every single day that I am capable of hard work and success. They’ve made me aware of my day-to-day impact on people. This is mostly due to their impact on me – feeling the life that is given when someone believes in you, even in the smallest of moments, opened my eyes to the importance of every little interaction. I want to build up, encourage, and empower others the way that my sisters have for me."

-Gracie Curran, MC '15


“Alpha Chi has given me women that I look up to every day and inspire me to be a better version of myself. During recruitment this year, I became very close with a girl in an older pledge class who has served as a role model. She worked at Coca Cola in the fall, and had such a great balance between social life, success at work, and physical well being. I'm excited to start a co-op at Coca Cola this summer, working with her, and following in her footsteps. I would not be the woman I am today without her or the rest of my sisters.”

-Lauren Bauer, MC ‘16


“Even on the first day of recruitment, I knew that Alpha Chi was different. The girls I talked to were so inspiring-they were not only involved in their sorority, but all over campus. I walked out of the house on day one thinking, “Wow, I want to be like those girls”. And since then, these powerful women have lived up to those  expectations every day through the endless support, kindness, and laughs they give me. Alpha Chi has given me a home away from home and some of the best memories and friends I could’ve asked for.” 

-Haley Callaway, MC ’16


“My favorite part of Alpha Chi Omega over the years has been how the drive and passion of the girls, old and young, serves as such an inspiration to me. These girls have given me friendship when I’ve needed it the most, encouraged me to meet my goals (like getting fit), and even helped me find a job. But they also remind me to take a break from Tech and have fun when I can. One time some of the girls and I ate 100 wings and watched Moana in the media room during finals week, for example. I honestly don’t know what version of myself I’d be without them. I do know that I’m glad I found a group of girls who are not only there to support me, but who are also unabashed to down 100 wings with me in one sitting!”

-Afreen Fahad, MC ‘16


“Like many other out of state students, I was looking for an organization to give me a home-away-from-home feel. By joining Alpha Chi, I was able to not only get that feeling, but also gain role models, support systems, and friends who would drop everything to grab some ice-cream with me… which is the most crucial aspect, in my opinion."

-Sara Keesee, MC ’15