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At Alpha Chi Omega, sisterhood is the bond that ties us together. We push one another to be the best version of ourselves by encouraging one another to always seek the heights. Whether it's attending philanthropy events, social functions, or getting ready for game day, we're always having a blast right alongside our sisters.


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Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885, at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Professor James Hamilton Howe, dean of DePauw's School of Music encouraged our seven Founders to form a women's society within the school. Anna Allen, Olive Burnett, Bertha Deniston, Amy DuBois, Nellie Gamble, Bessie Grooms, and Estelle Leonard came together to form the sixth women's fraternity in the country.

Our Founders, sure that this would be the first and last musical fraternity chose Alpha and Omega—the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet—to form their name, with “Kai” (meaning “and”) in the middle, later changed to the Greek letter Chi. Alpha Chi Omega now includes more than 200,000 members in 139 collegiate chapters nationwide. It is an organization built by and for real, strong, women.

For more information on our founders, visit Alpha Chi Omega Headquarter's website here.


         “Together Let Us Seek The Heights”


     Red Carnation


   Scarlet and Olive


The Lyre


To see beauty in the common things of life, 
to shed the light of love and friendship round me;
To keep my life in tune with the world
that I shall make no discords in the harmony of life;
To strike on the lyre of the universe
only the notes of happiness, of joy, of peace;
To appreciate every little service rendered;
To see and appreciate all that is noble in another,
be her badge what it may;
And to let my lyre send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, sincerity.
This is to be my symphony.

Important Dates

Founders' Day

On October 15 of each year, Alpha Chi Omega recognizes its fraternity's fall founding at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. On Founders' Day, members wear their badges or letters and celebrate their sisterhood together!

Domestic violence awareness Week

Each fall, Alpha Chi hosts Domestic Violence Awareness (DVA) week to raise awareness and money for our national philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. Chapters across the country hold different events, but you can learn more about ours, as well as the additional causes we support, here.

MacDowell Month 

During the month of February, Alpha Chi Omega women celebrate the fine arts background upon which their sisterhood was built. Most chapters will encourage their members to attend and perform in fine art events during this month. Epsilon Phi participates by hosting a talent show, holding sisterhood crafts and philanthropy projects, and attending a variety of cultural and artistic events both around campus and the city of Atlanta with our sisters!

Healthy Relationships week

Each spring, Alpha Chi hosts Healthy Relationships week during which they again raise awareness for their philanthropies across campus. Centered around Valentine's Day, sisters emphasize the importance of supporting one another and maintaining healthy relationships with those we love.

Epsilon Phi Founders' Day

Each collegiate chapter recognizes its own founding anniversary annually. February 22 is our chapter's birthday, and there's usually cake!

Hera Day 

On March 1 of each year, members recognize Alpha Chi's commitment to helping others by conducting service projects and offering assistance to others. We honor our sorority's patron Hera, goddess of the hearth and Queen of Mount Olympus.

The National Convention

Members join together every other summer to conduct fraternity business, reunite with fellow Alpha Chis, and celebrate our sisterhood. This year the National Convention is going to be held in Austin, Texas!

Every day!

Each and every day is important our sisters. We value our time spent together, be it is spent studying in coffee shops, eating lunch in between classes, participating in marches in downtown Atlanta, going on late night slushy runs, attending concerts... You name it. We know that memories are made unexpectedly, and wholeheartedly embrace the bond we share and the community in which we are a part!

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Our Chapter


Here at Georgia Tech, we face a unique issue. Women are certainly the minority of students on our campus. We have only been admitted since the Institute opened its doors to our first female students, Elizabeth Herndon and Diane Michel, in 1952. The first Panhellenic sorority was founded on our campus two years later.  

In 1975, our chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, referred to as Epsilon Phi, was the third Panhellenic sorority founded at Georgia Tech.  During the seventies, there were far more female students, especially in engineering programs, than there had been just two decades previously. However, women still only made up less than 10% of the Georgia Tech student population. 

The first member class of Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Phi had 34 members. Today, fifty years later, we have 203 active members and thousands of alumni seeking the heights across the globe.

Since our founding, both our chapter and our school have made enormous strides to bridge the gender gap across campus. Our sisterhood has grown, and so has the community of which we are all a part. Today, 37% of all Georgia Tech undergraduate students, and 43% of last year's freshman class, are women. 25% of Georgia Tech students are involved in Greek Life, and around 80% of campus leadership roles around campus are held by Greek affiliated students. We are so excited to see these numbers grow each and every day, year, and decade.

It's only up from here, ladies.

For more information on Greek Life at Georgia Tech, visit

To learn more about the Georgia Tech Collegiate Panhellenic Community, visit



Our chapter's house, located at 741 Brittain Drive NW, has three floors that are always filled with activity. Our house is where we hold our chapter meetings, put on sisterhood events, and eat meals prepared by our in-house chef service. The front porch features cozy rocking chairs where sisters can study or chat, and our teal front doors are are always welcoming and well-known across campus.

For us, entering through these double doors is like coming home. In the entryway, we are greeted by the living and TV rooms, filled with both study tables, lounge chairs, and the friendly faces of our sisters. The first floor is also home to our sister's kitchen, where house girls can cook their meals, and the chapter room, where we hold our weekly meetings.

The second floor of the house has accommodations for 34 women with three communal bathrooms. This floor overlooks our back porch and back yard, where we have held everything from benefit concerts to Panhellenic block parties!

The basement of the house holds our dining room where meals are served. There is a craft room containing art supplies where sisters can work on various projects and de-stress. There is also a study room, a conference room, and even a media room fit with comfy couches and a large projector, perfect for movie nights with our sisters!

We cannot wait to show you our home and can't wait for you to love it as much as we do!



Letter from the 


Hello and welcome from the sisters of the Epsilon Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Georgia Tech!

Best friends, countless memories, role models, and true sisterhood are the things that come to my mind when I think of the real, strong women at Alpha Chi Omega. I was so excited to run home to Alpha Chi on my bid day almost three years ago, and I am still extremely proud of the sisterhood I joined.

Alpha Chi has definitely been my home away from home on campus. Every day I am surrounded by sisters who love and accept me for who I am. We challenge each other, we inspire each other, and we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us. Alpha Chi has definitely made me a better, stronger version of myself, and I feel confident to take on new possibilities each day. I know I can speak for all my sisters when I say that life will give you twists and turns but what will always be stable is Alpha Chi, the support of my sisters, and the bond which binds us together.

Because each woman in Alpha Chi is unique and fulfilled in their own way, my sisters have joined for a variety of reasons. Many value the emphasis on leadership and campus involvement, others enjoy the academic support and philanthropic opportunities, and still others enjoy the social scene of our sorority. While sisters join Alpha Chi for individual and distinctive reasons, they stay for the unique and incredible bond that we share. This bond is characterized by rich passions, a spirit of fearlessness, and an unfailing supply of strength and encouragement.

I hope this website gives you a glimpse of how incredible it is to “seek the heights” as an Alpha Chi here at Georgia Tech! Alumnae, fellow sisters, future interests, please feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have. Alpha Chi Omega is always here for you.


Laura O’Brien
Chapter President 2018



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Executive Board


Laura O'Brien

Chapter President
Roswell, Georgia


Kate Browne

VP Chapter Relations and Standards
Columbus, Ohio


Carolina Llerena

VP Finance
San Mateo, California


Emma Brennan

VP Recruitment
Atlanta, Georgia


Anna Sketel

VP Membership Programming
Decatur, Georgia


Elena Buter

VP Facilities Operations
Marietta, Georgia


Sydney Blanche

VP Risk Management
Manhasset, New York


Kayleigh Nortje

VP New Member Education
Dunwoody, Georgia


Rercruitment counselor

Panhellenic Delegate
Johns Creek, Georgia


Chloe Kiernicki

VP Philanthropy
Decatur, Georgia


Bailee Decker

VP Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation
Alpharetta, Georgia


Annie Strickland

Public Relations and Marketing
Atlanta, Georgia


Carole Kennedy

VP Intellectual Development
Savannah, Georgia


Emma Weinberg

Collegiate Information Recruitment Chair
Charlotte, North Carolina



Non-Executive Committees

We are so excited to announce this year's Non-Executive Board Committees and Officers! Each position works closely with the committee's vice president on a variety of tasks that encourage leadership, organization involvement, and sisterhood as a whole. They ensure that everything within our chapter runs smoothly, and we couldn't do it without them!

Assistant VP Finance: Alicia Chacko

Risk Management
Social Chair: Mary Elizabeth Burke
Mixers Chair: Jessica Perry
Date Night Chair: Emily Bunker

Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation
Chaplain: Olive McKay
Warden: Rachel Luckcuck
Assistant Warden: Jamie Hunt
Song Chair: Jamie Hunt
Alumnae Chair: Natalie Simon
Historian: Olive McKay

Assistant VP Recrutiment: Tess Denniss
Assistant CRIC: Mary Elizabeth Burke

Public Relations & Marketing
Technology/Website Chair: Lauren Moye
PACE Chair: Brittany Ritter
Publications Chair: Lauren Lee
Banner Chair: Bella Vear
T-Shirt Chair: Sophie Marcus
Recording Secretary: Kara Christopher

New Member Education
Assistant VP New Member Education: Nicole Schuster
Mystagogue Chair: Llewellyn Weeks

Membership Programming
Sisterhood Development Chair: Jinny Heo
KROM: Audra Murphey
Culture Chair: Jinny Heo 
Athletics Chair: Maddy Astling
Parents Club Chair: Tanvi Dange

Panhellenic Delegate
Junior Panhellenic Delegate: Abby Chambless
Homecoming Chairs: Andrea Preacher/Sara Singer
Greek Week Chairs: Sarah Golden/Hannah Wood

Intellectual Development
Resources Coordinator: Emily Gilbert
Mental Health Task Force Chair: Sarajane Crawford

Facility Operations
Kitchen Steward: Heather Witherow
Sustainability Committee Chair: Delaney Rickles

Service and Fundraising Chair: Kate Chapman